Big boy pants

(Paul's first post!) I’ll take the blame. We had coffee this morning, and I let Asher have a sip. He loved it and drank practically the whole cup before I could pry it out of his hands.

So we’ve been potty training Asher for a while now, and he just about has it down. He almost never has accidents anymore, and I don’t remember the last time he had an accident out or at daycare. We have taken to gauging his progress by the status of his “big boy pants.” Such as, “Asher, we’re so proud of you. You kept your big boy pants dry all day. So proud.”

Today he went down for a nap but didn’t really sleep. This happens from time to time, and as long as he isn’t crying, we just let him be. Usually he has stimulating conversations with Brown Puppy. Eventually he tends to falls asleep. About 5:00, which is usually when he wakes up, I go to the door and overhear him saying, “Can’t hold it, Puppy. Mommy come take me out crib, go pee.” I throw open the door and dash in ready to take him to the bathroom. As I turn on the little lamp, I see that Asher is stark naked. No shirt, no pants, no socks, nothing. All his clothes are off to the side. And there in the middle of the crib is a small wet spot. Too late. Asher looks up at me smiling, and with joy in his blue eyes, he says to me, “Me keep mine big boy pants dry Daddy!” Yes you did buddy. So proud of you Asher. So proud.

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Lindsey Griffith said...

That was really funny.